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Finding Function Inverses

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A series of college algebra lectures:
Finding the Inverse of a Function
Finding the Inverse of a Function with Higher Powers.

The following diagrams show how to find the inverse of a function. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions of finding inverse of functions.

Inverse of a Function

Finding the Inverse of a Function

How to find the inverse of a function?
The graphs of Inverse Functions always mirror each other about the line y = x. Find the Inverse of a Rational Function
How to find the inverse of a rational function with x in both the numerator and denominator? Inverse Functions - Domain & range- With Fractions, Square Roots, and Graphs
How to find the inverse function and how to express the domain and range using interval notation?
1. How to the inverse of a linear function
2. Inverse of Rational Functions - Fractions
3. Factoring out the GCF / Greatest Common Factor to Solve for y
4. Inverse Functions With Radicals - Square Roots & Cube Roots
5. Switching X and Y to find the inverse function
6. Inverse function notation - f-1(x) and f(x)
7. How to determine if two functions are inverses of each other using composition of functions - f(g(x)) and g(f(x))
8. Inverse of logarithmic and exponential functions
9. Graphing inverse functions - reflection about the line y = x
10. Finding the graph of the inverse function by switching the x and y coordinates
11. horizontal line test for inverse functions - one to one
12. vertical line test for functions
13. Inverse functions - logarithms - lnx and ex - logs and ln
14. Domain and Range of Inverse functions - interval notation

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