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English Vocabulary & Pronunciation - K1

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English Pronunciation - KAPUT
Today's word is "kaput". This is an informal adjective word which means ruined or demolished. For example, you can say, "After last night's fight, their relationship was kaput."
English Pronunciation - KICK IN
Today's phrase is kick in. This is a phrasal verb which means to start taking effect. For example, you can say, I could feel the effect of my cold medicine kicking in.

Daily Pronunciation - KNACK
Today's word is "knack". This is a noun which means a specific skill or talent for something. For example, you can say, "My sister has a knack for selecting great wine to go with any type of food."
English Pronunciation Lesson - KNEAD
Today's word is knead. This is a verb which means to work into a uniform mixture by folding, stretching and pressing. For example, you can say, To properly knead bread dough, you need to put a lot of power into it.

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