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Daily Pronunciation - WACKY
Today's word is ''wacky". This is an adjective which means silly, eccentric, or foolish. For example, you can say. "My neighbor is wacky in his selection of clothes. He always wears a yellow t-shirt with a bow tie and suspenders."



English Pronunciation - WEARY
Today's word is "weary". This is both a verb and an adjective. As an adjective, it means being tired mentally and physically, or causing fatigue. For example, you can say, "John felt weary on Saturday morning after working on his report straight through the night.



English Pronunciation Lesson - WITHDRAWAL
Today’s word is withdrawal. This is a noun which means the act of withdrawing. For example, you can say, The withdrawal of the troops is a good sign that the war will end soon.



Daily Pronunciation - WORLDLY
Today's word is "worldly". This is an adjective which means experienced or sophisticated. For example, you can say, "His worldly knowledge helped him in his business pursuits."


English Pronunciation Lesson - WREAK
Today’s word is wreak. This is a verb which means to inflict or cause. For example, you can say, They wreaked havoc on the opposing team.




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