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English Idioms - Cat, Color, Cut from the Same Cloth

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Cat Idioms - BBC Learning English
The Teacher introduces us to three idioms connected with cats.
Idioms in English - CAT
There are lots of expressions in English that involve cats.
In this lesson, I let the cat out of the bag, so you never have to feel lost if someone uses one of these idioms in conversation.

Colour White Idioms from The Teacher
In this episode the Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic expressions that use the colour white: 1. It's black and white 2. As white as a sheet 3. A white-knuckle ride
American Slang & Idioms - Cut from the same cloth
This is a phrase which means to be very similar. This expression refers to two things which are made from the same piece of cloth or material. They will undoubtedly be very similar. The phrase also means to have the same characteristics. For example, you can say, Those two are cut from the same cloth; neither is very honest.

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