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English Idioms - Bite the Bullet, Blue, Body Parts, Boxing

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American Slang & Idioms - Bite the bullet
This is a phrase which means to endure pain.
This expression originated in battlefields. Prior to anaesthetics, soldiers were given a bullet to bite with their teeth to help them endure pain after injury or before an operation.
The phrase also means to be strong during pain.
For example, you can say, Its time to just bite the bullet and admit that you did wrong.
Blue Idioms - BBC Learning English (The Teacher)

Idioms in English - 'Blue'
Feeling blue about not understanding idioms? Expand your informal English knowledge with this lesson. These are all common expressions and phrases that use the colour blue.
Idioms in English - Body Parts
In this lesson, I look at some of the most common idioms related to the human body. What does it mean if someone tells you to keep your nose out of his or her business? Expand your idiomatic knowledge with this useful English lesson.

Boxing Idioms from The Teacher
In this video the Teacher puts himself through great pain to teach you these idioms related to boxing:
To take it on the chin
Below the belt
To throw in the towel

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