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English Idioms - Pie, Pig, Play it by Ear, Red, Rock the Boat

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Pie Idioms from The Teacher
Learn three idioms connected to the word "pie": It's as easy as pie To be pie-eyed To have a finger in many pies.
Pig Idioms - BBC Learning English (The Teacher)
The Teacher introduces us to three idioms connected with pigs.

American Slang and Idioms - PLAY IT BY EAR
This is a phrase which means to handle a situation without preparation. This expression originated from musicians playing music without printed material. The phrase also means to do something impromptu. For example, you can say, Im not sure how the event will go; well likely play it by ear.
Red Idioms - BBC Learning English (The Teacher)
The Teacher introduces three idioms all connected with the colour red.

American Slang & Idioms - ROCK THE BOAT
This is a phrase which means to go against the rules of a group. Lets imagine that you are cruising smoothly in a boat, but suddenly the boat is rocked or shaken by something, you will probably feel uncomfortable or upset. This phrase also means to upset people who accept the existing condition. For example, you can say, Don't rock the boat if you want to be liked by many people in this small and conservative village.

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