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Let us learn about my town

ESL Flash Cards - My Town
My Town with phrases or sentences
bakery - I buy bread at the bakery.
bank - I keep my money in the bank.
bookstore - I buy books at the bookstore.
bus stop - I catch a bus at the bus stop.
cake shop - I buy cake at the cake shop.
coffee shop - Daddy drinks coffee at the coffee shop.
dentist - I go to the dentist when I have a toothache.
doctor's office - I go to the doctor's office when I'm sick.
drug store - I buy medicine at the drug store.
flower shop - I buy flowers at the flower shop.
gas station - Mommy buys gasoline at the gas station.
hospital - I go to the hospital when I'm sick.

My Town with phrases or sentences
library - I borrow books from the library.
movie theater - I watch movies at the movie theater.
park - I play in the park.
pool - I swim in the pool. post office - I mail a letter at the post office.
restaurant - I eat at a restaurant.
school - I learn a lot at school.
supermarket - I buy food at the supermarket.
toy store - I buy toys at the toy store.
train station - I catch a train at the train station.
zoo - I see animals at the zoo.
map - A map is a picture of a place.

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