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This is the third page of the series of video lessons, “Daily Dose of English”.

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Here are some very interesting sentences in English known as palindromes. I hope you enjoy them while learning some new vocabulary.

Expressing Likes

Tired of always having to say “like” when you want to express that you like something. Well, this video gives you many other ways to say “I like”. Expressions such as “I’m fond of”, “I adore”, “I fancy”, “I get a kick out of”, “I’m thrilled with”, “I realy fancy”, “I’m crazy for”, “I’m mad about” and more.

Expressing Dislikes

Expressing dislikes is now much easier thanks to this Daily Dose of English.

A Jar of Caviar

Even the simplest of things can give us some useful vocabulary and verbs in English. This video gives you the vocabulary and some verbs that we use when talking about jars and how to open them.

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