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This is the second page of the series of video lessons, “Daily Dose of English”.

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Booking a Table

Several students have asked how you go about doing everyday things like booking a table in a restaurant. Here is me making a reservation at the Savoy Grill in London, England. It’s a shame I live in Seville, Spain. Let’s hope they never found out that is was me. I should have used a false name, I guess.


This short lesson tells you the names of the fingers in English. It also gives you a common expression - “to know something like the back of your hand”.

Make or Do

“Make” and “do” are two verbs that are often confused by students. Their meanings are similar, but there are differences. I hope that this video will help you to see how we use “do” as a main verb, rather than as an auxiliary verb, for activities that produce no physical object, for general ideas, and in many common expressions. I hope, also, that it will show you how the verb “make”, which is only ever used as a main verb and never as an auxiliary verb, is used when we create something that you can touch and with many common expressions.

Caught a Cold

Richard caught a cold and made good use of it to give some of the common terms we use to talk about colds. Don’t worry, it’s only a 24 hour bug and it hasn’t stopped me bringing you your daily dose of English.


I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m exhausted. I’m fatigued. I’m knackered. I’m pooped. These are some of the expressions we can use to describe the fact that we are tired. This video will give you some of these expressions in context.

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