General Chemistry - Moles

This is a series of lectures in videos covering topics in General Chemistry. They are conducted by Dr. Chuck Wight who teaches chemistry at the University of Utah.

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Elements and Moles
In this General Chemistry lecture, we discuss the structure of the Periodic Table of Elements. We also introduce Avagadro’s number and the concept of the mole. A sample problem is worked using moles and molar masses.

Chemical Bonding
This General Chemistry lecture discusses formation of ionic and covalent bonds, naming of molecules and compounds, example calculations of percent mass composition, and determinations of empirical formulas from experimental data. (Errata: The HCl and H20 is not an ionic bond. It is a covalent bond.)

Balancing Chemical Equations
In this lecture we give three general rules to follow when balancing chemical equations or reactions. Three examples of this are provided.

Organic Molecules
This lecture provides an introduction to hydrocarbons and functional groups, which are the building blocks of organic molecules and polymers.

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