Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2018 - Paper 2H

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Questions and Worked Solutions for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2018 Paper 2H (Calculator)
Edexcel GCSE Mathematics November 2018 Past Paper 2H (Pdf)

Edexcel GCSE November 2018 Paper 2H (Calculator) Solutions

  1. E = {even numbers between 1 and 25}
    A = {2, 8, 10, 14}
    B = {6, 8, 20}
    C = {8, 18, 20, 22}
    (a) Complete the Venn diagram for this information
    A number is chosen at random from E.
    (b) Find the probability that the number is a member of A ∩ B.
  2. Sean has information about the height, in cm, and the weight, in kg, of each of ten rugby players.
    He is asked to draw a scatter graph and a line of best fit for this information.
    Here is his answer
    Sean has plotted the points accurately.
    Write down two things that are wrong with his answer
  3. BEG is a triangle.
    ABC and DEF are parallel lines.
    Work out the size of angle x.
    Give a reason for each stage of your working.
  4. Northern Bank has two types of account.
    Both accounts pay compound interest.
    Ali invests £2000 in the cash savings account.
    Ben invests £1600 in the shares account.
    (a) Work out who will get the most interest by the end of 3 years.
    You must show all your working.
    In the 3rd year the rate of interest for the shares account is changed to 4% per annum.
    (b) Does this affect who will get the most interest by the end of 3 years?
    Give a reason for your answer.

  1. The diagram shows a floor in the shape of a trapezium.
    John is going to paint the floor.
    Each 5 litre tin of paint costs £16.99
    1 litre of paint covers an area of 2 m2
    John has £160 to spend on paint.
    Has John got enough money to buy all the paint he needs?
    You must show how you get your answer.
  2. A is the point with coordinates (5, 9)
    B is the point with coordinates (d, 15)
    The gradient of the line AB is 3
    Work out the value of d
  3. (a) Write the number 0.000 086 23 in standard form.
  4. Triangle P is reflected in the line y íx to give triangle Q.
    Triangle Q is reflected in the line x = -1 to give triangle R.
    Describe fully the single transformation that maps triangle R to triangle P.
  5. Martin truncates the number N to 1 digit.
    The result is 7
    Write down the error interval for N.
  6. Robert makes 50 litres of green paint by mixing litres of yellow paint and litres of blue paint in the ratio 2 : 3
    Yellow paint is sold in 5 litre tins.
    Each tin of yellow paint costs £26
    Blue paint is sold in 10 litre tins.
    Each tin of blue paint costs £48
    Robert sells all the green paint he makes in 10 litre tins.
    He sells each tin of green paint for £66.96
    Work out Robert’s percentage profit on each tin of green paint he sells.
  7. In a restaurant there are
    9 starter dishes
    15 main dishes
    8 dessert dishes
    Janet is going to choose one of the following combinations for her meal.
    a starter dish and a main dish
    or a main dish and a dessert dish
    or a starter dish, a main dish and a dessert dish
    Show that there are 1335 different ways to choose the meal.
  8. The diagram shows a circle and an equilateral triangle.
    One side of the equilateral triangle is a diameter of the circle.
    The circle has a circumference of 44 cm.
    Work out the area of the triangle.
    Give your answer correct to 3 significant figures.
  9. On the grid, sketch the curve with equation y = 2x
    Give the coordinates of any points of intersection with the axes.

  1. The equation of a circle is x2 + y2 = 42.25
    Find the radius of the circle
  2. There are only red counters and blue counters in a bag.
    Joe takes at random a counter from the bag.
    The probability that the counter is red is 0.65
    Joe puts the counter back into the bag.
    Mary takes at random a counter from the bag.
    She puts the counter back into the bag.
    (a) What is the probability that Joe and Mary take counters of different colours?
    There are 78 red counters in the bag.
    (b) How many blue counters are there in the bag?
  3. p and q are two numbers such that p > q
    When you subtract 5 from p and subtract 5 from q the answers are in the ratio 5 : 1
    When you add 20 to p and add 20 to q the answers are in the ratio 5 : 2
    Find the ratio p : q
    Give your answer in its simplest form.
  4. The straight line L1 passes through the points with coordinates (4, 6) and (12, 2).
    The straight line L2 passes through the origin and has gradient -3.
    The lines L1 and L2 intersect at point P.
    Find the coordinates of P.
  5. Here is a frustum of a cone.
    The diagram shows that the frustum is made by removing a cone with height 3.2 cm from a solid cone with height 6.4 cm and base diameter 7.2 cm.
    The frustum is joined to a solid hemisphere of diameter 7.2 cm to form the solid S shown below.
    The density of the frustum is 2.4 g/cm3
    The density of the hemisphere is 4.8 g/cm3
    Calculate the average density of solid S.

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