Edexcel Core Mathematics C4 January 2011

Questions and Worked Video Solutions for C4 Edexcel Core Mathematics January 2011 (Part 2).

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Edexcel Core Mathematics C4 January 2011 Past Paper

C4 Mathematics Edexcel January 2011 Question 6

  1. The curve C has parametric equations x = ln t, y = t2 - 2, t > 0


(a) an equation of the normal to C at the point where t = 3 ,

(b) a cartesian equation of C.

The finite area R, shown in Figure 1, is bounded by C, the x-axis, the line x = ln 2 and the

line x = ln 4 . The area R is rotated through 360° about the x-axis.

(c) Use calculus to find the exact volume of the solid generated.

6(a) Parametric Equations



C4 Mathematics Edexcel January 2011 Question 7

  1. (a) Given that y = 1/[4 + √(x - 1)], complete the table below with values of y corresponding to x = 3 and x = 5 . Give your values to 4 decimal places.

(b) Use the trapezium rule, with all of the values of y in the completed table, to obtain an estimate of I, giving your answer to 3 decimal places.

(c) Using the substitution (u - 4)2 + 1, or otherwise, and integrating, find the exact value of I.

7(a),(b) Trapezium Rule

7(c) Integration by Substitution

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