Divide by Multiples of 10

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 5 students learn how to divide two- and three-digit dividends by multiples of 10 with single-digit quotients and make connections to a written method.

Common Core Standards: 5.NBT.6

New York State Common Core Math Module 2, Grade 5, Lesson 19
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The following example shows how to divide a three-digit dividend by a multiple of 10. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions.
Divide by multiples of 10

Application Problem
At the Highland Falls pumpkin growing contest, the prize winning pumpkin contains 360 seeds. The proud farmer plans to sell his seeds in packs of 12. How many packs can he make using all the seeds?

Note: Although the students have not yet done three-digit totals divided by a two-digit divisor, this problem has the basic fact 12 × 3 = 36 embedded in it, and it’s similar to problems encountered in G5–M2–Lesson 18’s Concept Development.

Concept Development

Problem 1: 70 ÷ 30
Problem 2: 430 ÷ 60
Problem 3: 572 ÷ 90

Lesson 19 Problem Set

  1. Divide, then check.
    b. 80 ÷ 30
    c. 71 ÷ 50
    d. 270 ÷ 30
  2. A number divided by 80 has a quotient of 7 with 4 as the remainder. Find the number.
  1. Divide, then check.
    e. 643 ÷ 80

Lesson 19 Homework

This video shows how to divide a two or three digit number by a multiple of 10.

Divide, then check using multiplication.
b. 90 ÷ 40

This video demonstrates how to divide three digit numbers by multiples of 10 divisors.
Estimate, Solve, Check

  1. Divide, then check using multiplication. The first one is done for you.
    a. 71 ÷ 20
    b. 90 ÷ 40

Lesson 19 Homework

Divide, then check using multiplication.
b. 90 ÷ 40
d. 280 ÷ 30

2. A number divided by 40 has a quotient of 6 with a remainder of 16. Find the number.

3. A shipment of 288 textbooks has been delivered. Each of the 30 classrooms will receive an equal share of the books, with any extra books being stored in the bookroom. After the texts have been distributed to the classrooms, how many will be stored in the bookroom?

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