Decimal Fraction Equivalents

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Examples, solutions, videos, games, activities, and worksheets to help SAT students review decimals and fractions and their equivalents.

What are the decimal equivalent of fractions that you will need to know for the SAT?
How to Convert a Recurring Decimal Into a Fraction?

When allowed, you can use a calculator to convert between decimals and fractions. However, for the SAT, the College Board recommends that you know the decimal equivalent of the following fractions:


The bar notation indicates that the 3 and the 6 repeat infinitely, ie: = 0.33333 …

The following diagram gives some common fraction and decimals equivalents. Scroll down the page for examples and explanations on how to convert repeating decimals to fractions.
Common Fraction Decimal

Converting Repeating Decimal Numbers to Fractions
Decimal numbers with an infinitely repeating sequence of digits after the decimal point can be converted into fractions. This chapter explains why.

Math Lessons & Study Tips : How to Convert a Recurring Decimal Into a Fraction
In order to convert a recurring decimal into a fraction, understand that 1/3 is equal to .333 repeating. Find out how to use a bar to denote a recurring decimal.

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