Correlation Coefficient

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Linear Regression & Correlation Coefficient by Calculator
How to compute the linear regression equation, y=ax+b, the linear correlation coefficient, r, and the coefficient of determination, r2, using the TI-84 calculator, including turning the diagnostics on.

Ti 83/84: Linear Regression & Correlation Coefficient
Linear Regression, r and r2 This video demonstrates how to generate the least squares regression line for a set of (x, y) data, how to make a scatter plot of the data with the line shown, and how to predict values of y using the regression line on the Ti-83/84 series graphing calculator.

Showing R value on TI-84
The TI-84 can display an R-value when fitting a regression line (best fit line) to data. The R-value is a numerical way of determining how closely the regression line fits the plotted data. The closer the R-value is to +/-1, the better it fits the data.

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