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Convert Measurements

Video Solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to use rates to convert measurements.

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 6, Module 1, Lesson 21
Lesson 21 Outcome
• Students use rates between measurements to convert measurement in one unit to measurement in another unit. They manipulate and transform units appropriately when multiplying or dividing quantities.

Lesson 21 Summary

Conversion tables contain ratios that can be used to convert units of length, weight, or capacity. You must multiply the given number by the ratio that compares the two units.

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 6 Lesson 21 Exercises
Exercise 1
Identify the ratios that are associated with conversions between feet, inches, and yards.

___ inches = ____ foot; the ratio of inches to feet is ___.
___ foot = ___ inches; the ratio of feet to inches is ___.
___ feet = ___ yard; the ratio of feet to yards is ___.
___ yard = ___ feet; the ratio of yards to feet is ___.

Exercise 2
Work with your partner to find out how many feet are in inches. Make a ratio table that compares feet and inches. Use the conversion rate of 12 inches per foot, or 1/12 foot per inch.

Exercise 3
How many grams are in kilograms? Again, make a record of your work before using the calculator. The rate would be 1000 grams per kg. The unit rate would be 1000.

Example 1
How many cups are in quarts? As always, make a record of your work before using the calculator.

Example 2
How many quarts are in 10 cups?

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 6 Lesson 21 Exit Ticket
Jill and Erika make 5 gallons of lemonade for their lemonade stand. How many quarts will they be able to sell? If they charge $3.00 per quart, how much money will they make if they sell it all?

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 6 Lesson 21 Problem Set
1. 7 ft. = __ in.
2. 100 yd. = __ ft.
3. 25 m = __ cm
4. 5 km = __ m
5. 96 oz. = __ lb.
6. 2 mi. = __ ft.
7. 2 mi. = __ yd.
8. 32 fl. oz. = __ c.
9. 1,500 ml = __ l
10. 6 g = __ mg

11. Beau buys a 3 pound bag of trail mix for a hike. He wants to make one-ounce bags for his friends with whom he is hiking. How many one-ounce bags can he make?

12. The maximum weight for a truck on the New York State Thruway is 40 tons. How many pounds is this?

13. Claudia’s skis are 150 centimeters long. How many meters is this?

14. Claudia’s skis are 150 centimeters long. How many millimeters is this?

15. Write your own problem and solve it. Be ready to share the question tomorrow.

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