Computer Programming

Free Computer Programming Course from Stanford.

Programming Methodology (CS106A) is an Introduction to the engineering of computer applications emphasizing modern software engineering principles: object-oriented design, decomposition, encapsulation, abstraction, and testing. Uses the Java programming language. Emphasis is on good programming style and the built-in facilities of the Java language.

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Lecture 1: Course Overview & Computer Programming
In the first lecture of the quarter, Professor Sahami provides an overview of the course and begins discussing computer programming.

Lecture 2: Introducing Karel and the commands
In the second lecture, Professor Sahami introduces Karel and shows the commands associated with the program.

Lecture 3: Karel - Common errors, comments, and advanced instructions Professor Sahami finishes his lecture on the program Karel by discussing common errors, comments, and advanced instructions.

Lecture 4: History of computing and introduces programming in Java
Professor Sahami moves into the history of computing and introduces the program Java.

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