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Classify Quadrilaterals

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Examples, videos, worksheets, stories and songs to help Grade 5 students learn how to classify quadrilaterals.

The following flowchart shows the relationship between quadrilaterals.

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Relationship between Quadrilaterals

Types of Quadrilaterals

Names of Quadrilaterals
Different types of quadrilaterals and their properties. Relationships between Quadrilaterals
Learn about relationships between quadrilaterals
A explanation of the quadrilateral flow chart which shows properties of quadrilaterals and their relationships to one another.

Quadrilateral - Four sided figure
Parallelogram - A four sided figure in which each pair of opposite sides are parallel
Rectangle - A parallelogram with four right angles
Rhombus - A parallelogram in which all sides are of equal measure
Square - A figure with all the properties of a rectangle and rhombus
Trapezoid - A figure with exactly one set of parallel sides
Isosceles Trapezoid - A trapezoid in which the non-parallel sides are of equal size Geometry: Quadrilaterals

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