Area Word Problems

These lessons, with videos, examples and solutions, help Grade 3 students learn how to solve word problems involving area.

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Printable Area of Rectangle Word Problem Worksheets

Common Core Standards: 3.MD.6, 3.MD.7a, 3.MD.7b, 3.MD.7c, 3.MD.7d, 3.MD.5

New York State Common Core Math Module 4, Grade 3, Lesson 12
Worksheets for Grade 3

Application Problem
a. Find the area of a 6 m by 9 m rectangle.

b. Use the side lengths, 6 m × 9 m, to find different side lengths for a rectangle that has the same area.

Show your equations using parentheses. Then estimate to draw the rectangle and label the side lengths.

Note: This problem reviews using the associative property to generate whole number side lengths of rectangles with a given area.

Concept Development

Problem 1: Solve area word problems with 1 side length unknown.
The area of Theo’s banner is 42 square feet. If the length of his banner measures 4 feet, how wide is his banner?

Problem 2: Choose a strategy to find the area of a larger rectangle.
Amir is getting carpet in his bedroom, which measures 7 feet by 15 feet. How many square feet of carpet will Amir need?

Lesson 12 Problem Set

  1. Each side on a sticky note measures 9 centimeters. What is the area of the sticky note?

  2. Stacy tiles the rectangle below using her square pattern blocks. Find the area of Stacy rectangle in square units. Then draw and label a different rectangle with whole number side lengths and having the same area.
    b. Can you draw another rectangle with different whole number side lengths and having the same area?
    Explain how you know.

  3. An artist paints a 4 נ16 foot mural on a wall. What is the total area of the mural? Use the break apart and distribute strategy.


  1. Jermaine glues 3 identical pieces of paper as shown below and makes a square. Find the missing side length of 1 piece of paper. Then find the total area of 2 pieces of paper.

Lesson 12 Homework

  1. A square calendar has sides that are 9 inches long. What is the calendar’s area?

  2. The surface of an office desk has an area of 15 square feet. Its length is 5 feet. How wide is the office desk?

  3. Lila makes the pattern below. Find and explain her pattern. Then draw the fifth figure in her pattern.

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