Area of Rectangles with Fractional Side Lengths

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 5 students learn how to find the area of rectangles with whole-by-mixed and whole-by-fractional number side lengths by tiling, record by drawing, and relate to fraction multiplication.

New York State Common Core Math Module 5, Grade 5, Lesson 10

Common Core Standards: 5.NF.4b, 5.NF.6

Lesson 10 Concept Development

We want to determine the areas of some mystery rectangles.

Lesson 10 Problem Set

Sketch the rectangles and your tiling. Write the dimensions and the units you counted in the blanks. Then use multiplication to confirm the area. Show your work.
6. The rectangle to the right is composed of squares that measure 2 1/4 inches each side. What is its area in square inches? Explain your thinking using pictures and numbers.
7. A rectangle has a perimeter of 35 1/2 feet. If the width is 12 ft, what is the area of the rectangle?
(homework) 3. A garden box has a perimeter of 27 1/2 feet. If the length is 9 feet, what is the area of the garden box?

Lesson 10 Homework

  1. John tiled some rectangles using square unit. Sketch the rectangles if necessary, fill in the missing information, and then confirm the area by multiplying.
  2. Rachel made a mosaic from different color rectangular tiles. Three tiles measured 3 1/2 inches × 3 inches. Six tiles measured 4 inches × 3 1/4 inches. What is the area of the whole mosaic in square inches?
  3. A garden box has a perimeter of 27 1/2 feet. If the length is 9 feet, what is the area of the garden box?

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