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Signs Of Trigonometric Ratios

In this lesson, we will examine the trigonometric ratios of angles in the four quadrants

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Take note of the signs of the trigonometric ratios in the following examples.

Quadrant 1 (0˚ < θ < 90˚)

In the following diagram, θ is in the first quadrant.

Sine, cosine and tangent are all positive.

trigonometric ratios

Quadrant II (90˚ < θ < 180˚)

In the following diagram, θ is in the second quadrant.

The reference angle, α = 180˚ – θ

Sine is positive whereas cosine and tangent are negative.

signs of trigonometric ratios

Quadrant III (180˚ < θ < 270˚)

In the following diagram, θ is in the third quadrant.

The reference angle, α = θ – 180˚

Tangent is positive whereas sine and cosine are negative.

trigonometric signs

Quadrant IV (270˚ < θ < 360˚)

In the following diagram, θ is in the fourth quadrant.

The reference angle, α = 360˚– θ

Cosine is positive whereas sine and tangent are negative.

trigonometric signs


We can use a mnemonic like CAST or All Students Take Calculus to remember the signs in the 4 quadrants .

The trigonometric ratios for 0˚, 90˚, 180˚, 270˚ and 360˚ are shown below:


Determine the sign of each of the following values.

a) cos 121˚
b) tan 220˚


a) cos 121˚ is in quadrant II (90˚ < 121˚ < 180˚)
In quadrant II, only sine is positive, so cos121˚ is negative

b) tan 220˚ is in quadrant III (180˚ < 220˚ < 270˚)
In quadrant III, tangent is positive, so tan 220˚ is positive


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