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Our collection of Time Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.

We have Telling Time games, Analog clock and Digital clock games, Time conversion games, Elapsed Time games, Word Problem Time games and Time Worksheets.

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Telling Time

Willy the WatchDog Help Willy the WatchDog tell time. (Change from digital to analog) Hickory Dickory Clock Feed the mouse by reading the analogue clocks. If you get it wrong the cat will be after you! (including half past, quarter to and quarter past.)
ClockWise Set the clock to the given time. Bang on Time Read the time in words and stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position.
Bedtime Bandits Stay up past your bedtime by choosing the right clocks Move under the correct clock, blast it with your flashlight by using the space bar Clockwork set 1 Tell time to the nearest hour
Clockwork set 2 Tell time to the nearest half hour Clockwork set 3 Tell time to the nearest quarter hour
Clockwork set 4 Tell time to the nearest 10 minutes Clockwork set 5 Tell time to the nearest 5 minutes
Clockwork set 6 Tell time to the nearest minute Giraffe Pull Select the time in words to match the analog clock to win the tug-of-war.

Analog Clock and Digital Clock

Match the Time Match the digital time to the analog time. Match the Clocks Set the digital clock to match the analog clock.
The Right Time Read the analog clock and key in the digital time to complete the mission. What time is it? Tell the digital time from the analog time.
Clockwork set 14 Key in the digital time from the analog clock Giraffe Dash Key in the digital time from the analog clock as fast as you can to win the race.
Telling Time Tell the time of the analog clock Hero Michael teaches Time Read the clock and grab the correct key to advance to the next level.
Missing hands The hands are missing from the alarm clock. Which of the pairs of hands should go on a clock? Click and drag the pair of hands that match the time shown under the clock.  


Time Conversion

Clockwork set 8 Converting hours and minutes Clockwork set 10 Converting hours and minutes
Comparing Amounts of Time Comparing Hours and Minutes Period of Time 1 Hours, Days, Weeks, Months
Period of Time 2 Hours, Days, Weeks, Months Days and Dates Have fun while learning how to read the calendar
What time will it be? Select the correct time  

Elapsed Time Games

What time will it be? Work out the answer to find out what time it will be. Learning Elapsed Time Move the hand of the clock to get the elapsed time
How Much Time Has Passed? Work out how much time has passed between the two given times.  

Word Problem Time Games

Discovering Elapsed Time Determining the amount of time that has elapsed between two time periods. Train Times Help Marty catch the right train.
Time Slice Solve word problems involving time. Difference between Two Times Solve word problems that involve difference between two times


Time Worksheets

Time Conversion (weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds) Adding and Subtracting Time
Multiplying and Dividing Time Time Word Problems (Elapsed Time)

Convert from 12-hr System to 24-hr System Convert from 24-hr System to 12-hr System
Calculate Time Intervals in 12-hr System and 24-hr System


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