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Stem and Leaf Plot Examples


Videos, worksheets, and solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to make and use Stem and Leaf Plots.

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A Stem and Leaf Plot shows visually the distribution of data, while also showing the value of the numbers. It is a method of representing numerical data. The leading values become the stems and the trailing values the leaves. For example, if the data is between 1 and 99 then we can separate each number into its ten-digit (stem) and its unit-digit (leaf) and then arrange the data in ascending order of the ten-digits.

This video gives a brief description of Stem and Leaf Plot and demonstrates how to create and read a stem-and-leaf plot and also how to use it to find Median, Range and Quartiles.
How to create a stem and leaf plot
This video shows how to make a stem and leaf plot.

Creating a stem and leaf plot.
How to create a stem and leaf plot.

This video shows how a stem-and-leaf plot is set up as a two-column table with stems of the given numbers on one side and the leaves of the given numbers on the other. The stem of a number is the digit or digits on the left side of the number, and the leaf of a number is the final right-hand digit.
Stem-And-Leaf Plots: 6th and 7th grade math.

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