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Statistics - Data Analysis

Videos, worksheets, games and activities to help Grade 3 students learn statistics.

In these lessons, we shall learn how to use

  • Tally Charts
  • Line Plots
  • Bar Charts / Bar Graphs
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Tally Charts

Gathering data requires an organized system of collecting the information. Using tally marks is a simple way for you to keep track of information as you collect it. Tally marks are most effective when recorded in an organized column chart like the one below. Grouping the tally marks in 5s makes it easier for you to total the numbers in each category by skip counting. Remember to keep your bundles of 5 separate from each other. Tally charts should always be given a title to inform the reader about the meaning of the data.

tally chart

Line Plots

Another useful tool for organizing data is the line plot.
The line plot displays each piece of data by marking an ‘X’ (cross) above the corresponding choice/value along a horizontal line, as shown in the following examples.

line plot


In the line plot below:

line plot

  1. What is the most common type of pet owned by students in Grade 3 ?
  2. What is the least common type of pet owned by students in Grade 3 ?
  3. How many more dogs are there than birds?
  4. How many students in all own pets?


  1. Dogs
  2. Birds
  3. There are 5 more dogs.
  4. There are 17 students with pets.

Learn to make and interpret line plots.


Bar Graphs

A bar graph is another useful tool for organizing data. Bar graphs can be vertical or horizontal. The height or length of the bars represents a number and each bar represents a separate category.

bar graphs

How to use a bar graph to plot data as well as answer questions.
Reading Simple Bar Graphs

Statistics Worksheets

Statistics Games

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