The Resultant of Two Forces

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The Resultant of Two Forces :
When vectors represent forces, their sum is called the resultant. The resultant of two forces can be found using the methods for adding vectors when the vectors are a geometric representation. When using methods for the algebraic representation to find the resultant of two forces, it can be helpful to understand the components of a force.

 How to find the resultant of two forces when they are parallel, opposite, or perpendicular in direction.



Achieving a Desired Vector as a Resultant



Two forces 300 N at 0 degrees and 400 N at 90 degrees pull on an object.
Answer the following (Use the tail-tip method):

a.Draw a diagram showing the forces acting on the object.
b.Draw a sketch showing the vector sum of two forces.
c.Find the magnitude of the resultant force.
d.Find the direction of the resultant force.




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