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Our collection of Integer Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.

On this page, we have free math games and worksheets in the following categories:

  • integer number line
  • comparing integers
  • integer operations
  • integer worksheets
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Integer Number Line

Higher and Lower Order the numbers. (You can also choose objects, words, integers, fractions, decimals, or time) Guess the Number Guess the number on the number line. (Also has integers and decimals)
Line Jumper An activity for integers operations using the number line Space Coupe to the Rescue By choosing a positive or negative number, the player controls the vertical position of a spaceship. If the spaceship reaches the same vertical position as a virus pod, the pod is destroyed.
Integer Football Move right or left (using integer calculation) to win the game.  

Comparing Integers

Comparing Integers Negative numbers are less than positive numbers. For negative numbers, the smaller the absolute value the greater the integer. Play Number Balls Ordering positive and negative numbers. Click the balls in ascending order of numbers
XP Space Race Comparing Integers Integers Hat Game Put on the hats in the right order


Integer Operations

Integers FourPlay with your friend. Try to solve the integer equations and get four dots in a row to win. MathCar Racing Outdrive the other math car by getting the highest score.
Adding Integers Fruit Splat - 3 Levels of difficulty Orbit Integers Adding integers. Click the correct answer to power your spaceship. Up to 4 players
Color Chips Use color chips to illustrate addition of integers. Integer Tilt Add the integers to keep the bar balanced
Spider Match Adding Integers Score points by correctly matching numbers to create the given answer. Up to 4 players. Mystery Picture Find out what's behind these tiles. Do your integer calculations.
Multiplying Integers Fruit Splat, Multiply the integers and get a high score. Integer Warp Multiplying Integers. Click the correct answer to power your spaceship. Up to 4 players
Integers Multiplication Blocks Click on numbers whose product is equal to the given target number. Integers Multiplication (−144 to 144) Solve as many integer multiplication problems as you can within one minute.
Integers Division (− 81 to 81) Solve as many integer division problems as you can within one minute. Integer Practice Adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying integers, and dividing integers. One or two players
Complete the Pattern Fill in the numbers to complete the pattern. Integers Jeopardy Game This game has 4 categories: adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying integers, and dividing integers. You can play it alone or in teams.


Integer Worksheets

Adding Integers 2 operands Adding Integers 3 operands or more
Subtracting Integers 2 operands Subtracting Integers 3 or more operands
Multiplying Integers Dividing Integers

Adding Integers 1 Digit Adding Integers 2 Digits
Subtracting Integers 1 Digit Subtracting Integers 2 Digits
Multiplying Integers 1 Digit Multiplying Integers 2 Digits
Dividing Integers 1 Digit in Divisor Dividing Integers 2 Digits in Divisor
Integers Mixed Operations Specify your own conditions for Integer Operations Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mixed


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