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Use Fraction Equivalence to Add Tenths and Hundredths


Videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to apply understanding of fraction equivalence to add tenths and hundredths.

Topic D: Addition with Tenths and Hundredths

Common Core Standards: 4.NF.5, 4.NF.6, 4.NF.3c, 4.MD.1

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NYS Common Core Grade 4 Module 6, Lesson 12

Lesson 12 Concept Development

Problem 1: Add tenths and hundredths written in unit form using pictorial models.
Problem 2: Add tenths and hundredths by converting using multiplication. Express the sum as a decimal.
Problem 3: Add tenths and hundredths with sums greater than 1. Express the sum as a decimal.

Lesson 12 Homework

1. Complete the number sentence by expressing each part using hundredths. Model using the place value chart, as shown in Part (a).
2. Solve by converting all addends to hundredths before solving.
3. Find the sum. Convert tenths to hundredths as needed. Write your answer as a decimal.
4. Solve. Write your answer as a decimal.
5. Cameron measured 65/100 inches of rain water on the first day of April. On the second day of April, he measured 83/100 inches of rain water. How many inches of rain fell on the first two days of April?

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