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Word Problems Involving Subtraction

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Examples, videos, worksheets, stories, and songs to help Grade 5 students learn how to solve Word Problems Involving Subtraction.

Word Problems Involving Subtraction
1. John has 12 apples, and he gives away 5 of them. How many apples does he have left?
2. What is the difference between 17 and 38?
3. Jennifer has eighteen apples, and Mike has twelve. How many more apples does Jennifer have less than Mike?
Subtraction Word Problem
To pay their bills, the owners of Edwards Plumbing Company made the following withdrawals from their bank account: $42, $175, $24, $217, $8. If the original balance was $3601, what wa the amount of the new balance?

Word Problems with Subtraction
How to solve word problems that involve subtraction?
1. At the beginning of the day, there were 339 tickets available for the raffle. By the end of the day, all but 54 tickets were sold. How many tickets were sold?
2. One month there were 6514 visitors at Harborton Aviary. Of these visitors, 3631 had discount entrance vouchers. How many visitors paid regular price?
Subtracting in Word Problems
It's a winter day. So, we make a fire in the fireplace. There was 57 pieces of wood. I took 14 inside. How much wood is left?

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