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Algebra: Perimeter Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to solve word problems that involve perimeter.

Solve a Problem Using The Perimeter of A Rectangle - Geometry
This geometry example used the perimeter formula to find the perimeter of a compound figure. To attack this problem, the length and width of the fenced in area must be found before finding the perimeter of the fence.
Your pool is 15 ft wide and 20 ft long with a 3-ft wide deck surrounding it. You want to build a fence around the deck. How much fence will you need?
Perimeter of a rectangle and algebra EQAO
A rectangular field has a perimeter of (10a - 6) meters and a width of 2a meters. Find the length of the field.

Perimeter of a triangle (Word Problem)
How to find the perimeter of a triangular piece of land using algebra?
The perimeter of a triangular plot of land is 2400 ft. The longest side is 200 ft less than twice the shortest. The middle side is 200 ft less than the longest side. Find the lengths of the three sides of the triangular plot.
Perimeter of Hexagon Word Problem with algebra
The length of each side of a hexagon is 6 inches less than the length of a side of a square. The perimeter of the hexagon is equal to the perimeter of the square. Find the length of a side of the hexagon and the length of a side of the square.

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