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Singapore Math: Grade 5 Word Problem

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions and activities to help students learn to solve word problems in Singapore Math.

Singapore Math: Grade 5 Word Problem
Example: Tin Jin saved $3500 in April. His monthly salary is twice the amount he saved in April. He saved $4200 less than the amount he spent in May. How much did he save in May?
Singapore Math - P5 2008 Paper1A ACS Question 6
What is the missing number? Singapore Math - P5 2008 Paper2 ACS Question 7
Find area of shaded region

Singapore Math - P5 2008 Paper1 RGPS Question 12
Area of shaded region
Singapore Math - P5 2008 Paper2 RGPS Question 16
Percentage question with answer
Example: The table below shows the result of the sale of tickets for the two performances stage by a school. In the first performance, 75% of the seats were Standard seats. In the second performance, some VIP sets were added and the total number of seats increased to 1460. Given that $21 900 more were collected in the second performance, how many percent of the sets in the second performance were VIP seats? Singapore Math - P5 2008 Paper2 ACS Question 17
Example: A fruit seller had 28 kg of fresh plums. The plums contained 70% water when fresh. Ten days later, the plums contained only 60% water. What was the mass of the plums ten days later?

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