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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help 4th grade students learn word problems in Singapore Math using block diagrams or tape diagrams.

Singapore Math - P4 2008 Section B Catholic Question 38
Word Problem with time
Sharifah's watch is 40 minutes slower than the actual time. She wants to catch a movie at 9 pm. She needs to take a bus journey of 45 minutes from her house to the cinema. What time is shown on Sharifah's watch if she leaves the house just to arrive punctually for the movie?
Singapore Math - P4 2008 Section C Nanyang Question 42
Word problems with weight
A fruiterer had 80.4 kg of green grapes. He had 20.5 kg more red grapes than green grapes. After he sold some red grapes, he had 3 times as much green grapes as red grapes. How many kilograms of red grapes did he sell?

Topical Assessment: Volume Question 19
A rectangular tank measures 21 cm by 14 cm by 6 cm. It is 1/5 filled with sand. How much more sand is required to fill the tank to be half full?
Topical Assessment: Measures Question 28
The total weight of 3 muffins and 5 cakes is 4.51 kg. Each muffin weighs twice as much as a cake. Find the weight of a cake in grams.

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