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Solve Word Problems involving Money


Videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to solve word problems involving money.

Topic E: Money Amounts as Decimal Numbers

Common Core Standards: 4.MD.2, 4.NF.5, 4.NF.6

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NYS Common Core Grade 4 Module 6, Lesson 16

Lesson 16 Concept Development

Problem 1
Miguel had 1 dollar bill, 2 dimes, and 7 pennies. John had 2 dollar bills, 3 quarters, and 9 pennies. How much money did the two boys have in all?

Problem 2
Suilin needed 7 dollars 13 cents to buy a book. In her wallet, she found 3 dollar bills, 4 dimes, and 14 pennies. How much more money does Suilin need to buy the book?

Problem 3
Vanessa has 6 dimes and 2 pennies. Joachim has 1 dollar, 3 dimes, and 5 pennies. Jimmy has 5 dollars and 7 pennies. They want to put their money together to buy a game that costs $8.00. Do they have enough money to buy the game? If not, how much more money do they need?

Problem 4
A pen costs $2.29. A calculator costs 3 times as much as a pen. How much do a pen and a calculator cost together?

Lesson 16 Homework

Use the RDW process to solve. Write your answer as a decimal.

1. Maria had 2 dollars, 3 dimes, and 4 pennies. Lisa had 1 dollar and 5 quarters. How much money did the two girls have in all?

3. Joe had 5 dimes and 4 pennies. Jamal had 2 dollars, 4 dimes, and 5 pennies. Jimmy had 6 dollars and 4 dimes. They wanted to put their money together to buy a book that costs $10.00. Did they have enough? If not, how much more did they need?

5. Carlos has 8 dollars and 48 cents. Alissa has 4 dollars and 14 cents. How much money does Carlos need to give Alissa so that each of them has the same amount of money?

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