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Word Problems and Model Drawing

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn word problems and model drawing in Singapore Math.

How to use bar models to solve word problems in Singapore Math?

Bar models: Solving Word Problems (Singapore Math)
Rowan and Emma each had an equal number of popsicles. After Rowan ate 25 popsicles and Emma ate 31 popsicles, Rowan had twice as many as Emma. How many popsicles did they each have at first?
Bar Models: Solving Word Problems (Singapore Math)
In a basketball game, Marc, Jackson, and Cole scored 106 points altogether. Marc scored 15 more points than Jackson. Jackson scored 7 fewer than Cole. How many points did Cole score?

Word Problems: Example 1
Jane bought a piece of cloth 90 cm long. She cuts it into 3 pieces. The first piece is 20 cm long. The second piece is 32 cm long.
(a) Wat is the total length of the first and second piece of cloth?
(b) What is the length of the third piece of cloth?
Using Models: Joining 1 or more sets to another set of object, Example 2
Joseph collected 426 paper cups for his project. He needed 291 more paper cups. How many paper cups were needed for his project?

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