Word Problems - Metric Weights

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 3 students learn how to solve one-step word problems involving metric weights within 100 and estimate to reason about solutions.

Common Core Standards: 3.NBT.2, 3.MD.2, 3.NBT.8

New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 2, Lesson 8
Worksheets for Grade 3

Application Problem

  1. Lindsey wants to ride the roller coaster. The minimum weight to ride is 32 kilograms. She weighs 14 kilograms less than the required weight. How many kilograms does Lindsey weigh?
    32 kg – 14 kg = 47 kg

  2. Ms. Casallas buys a new cabinet for the classroom. It comes in a box that weighs 42 kilograms. Ms. Casallas unpacks pieces that total 16 kilograms. How much does the box weigh now?

  3. Mr. Flores weighs 73 kilograms. After exercising every day for 6 weeks he loses weight. Now he weighs 67 kilograms. How much weight did he lose?


  1. The weights of 3 fruit baskets are shown below.
    Basket A - 12kg
    Basket B - 8kg
    Basket C - 16kg
    a. Basket ______ is the heaviest.
    b. Basket ______ is the lightest.
    c. Basket A is __________ kilograms heavier than Basket B.
    d. What is the total weight of all three baskets?

  2. Each journal weighs about 280 grams. What is total weight of 3 journals?

  3. Ms. Rios buys 453 grams of strawberries. She has 23 grams left after making smoothies. How many grams of strawberries did she use?

  4. Andrea’s dad is 57 kilograms heavier than Andrea. Andrea weighs 34 kilograms.
    a. How much does Andrea’s dad weigh?
    b. How much do Andrea and her dad weigh in total?

  5. Jennifer’s grandmother buys carrots at the farm stand. She and her 3 grandchildren equally share the carrots. The total weight of the carrots she buys is shown below.

    a. How many kilograms of carrots will Jennifer get? b. Jennifer uses 2 kilograms of carrots to bake muffins. How many kilograms of carrots does she have left?

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