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Coin Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to solve coin word problems and Algebra Word Problems.

Coin Word Problems
How to solve word problems about values and number of coins?
Jim has quarters and nickels. He has twice as many quarters as nickels. If the value of the coins totals $4.40, how many nickels and quarters does Jim have?
Algebra Word Problem:
How to solve Coin Word Problem in 3 variables?
The quarters, nickels and dimes totaled 20 and their value was $1.90. How many of each kind were there if there were 4 times as many nickels as quarters?

Coin Word Problems
Students learn to solve "value" word problems, such as the following.
Martin has a total of 19 nickels and dimes worth $1.65. How many of each type of coin does he have? Note that this problem requires a chart to organize the information. The chart is based on the total value formula, which states that the number of coins times the value of each coin = the total value. The chart is then used to set up the equation.
Coin Word Problems
1. Jack and Betty have 28 coins that are nickels and dimes. If the value of the coins is $1.95, how may of each type do they have?
2. The nickels and dimes all fell on the floor. There are 12 more nickels than dimes. The total value of the coins are $5.10. How many nickels and how many dimes were on the floor?

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