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Word Problems Involving Different Operations

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, stories, and songs to help Grade 5 students learn how to solve Word Problems Involving Different Operations.

Assorted Basic Word Problems
1. A class has twenty-seven students. Fourteen students move to another class. How many students are now in class?
2. A store had 24 brownies. The brownies were sold to 8 customers, and each customer bought the same amount. How many brownies did each customer buy?
3. Jane has 5 rows of dimes, and each row has 8 dimes in it. How many dimes does she have in total?
4. Steve has 25 marbles. He finds 27 more. How many marbles does he have now? Create story contexts for numerical expressions and tape diagrams, and solve real word problems
Chase volunteers at an animal shelter after school, feeding and playing with the cats.
A. If he can make 5 servings of cat food from a third of a kilogram of food, how much does one serving weigh?
B. If Chase wants to give the same serving size to each of the 20 cats, how many kilograms of food will he need?

Solve word problems using tape diagrams and fraction by fraction multiplication
Anthony bought an 8-ffot board. He cut off 3/4 of the board to build a shelf, and gave the rest to his brother for an art project. How many inches long was the piece Anthony gave to his brother?
Multiply any whole number by a fraction using tape diagrams.
1. There are 48 students going on a field trip. One-fourth are girls. How many boys are going on the trip?
2. Three angles are labeled below with arcs. The smallest angle is 3/8 as large as the 160° angle. Find the value of angle a.
3. Abbie spent 5/8 of her money and saved the rest. If she spent $45, how much money did she have at first?
4. Mrs. Harrison used 16 ounces of dark chocolate while baking. She used 2/5 of the chocolate to make some frosting and used the rest to make brownies. How much more chocolate did Mrs. Harrison use in the brownies than in the frosting?
5. A straight angle is split into two smaller angles as shown. The smaller angle's measure is 1/6 that of a straight angle. What is the value of angle a?
6. Annabel and Eric made 17 ounces of pizza dough. They used 5/8 of the dough to make a pizza and used the rest to make calzones. What is the difference between the amount of dough they used to make pizza, and the amount of dough the used to make calzonee?
7. The New York Rangers hockey team won 3/4 of their games last season. If they lost 21 games, how many games did they paly in the entire season?

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