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Area of Rectangles Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to solve word problems that involve area of rectangles.

How to solve a rectangle if you know its area?
Word Problem - Area of a Rectangle
This is a Word Problem you solve by writing an equation and factoring.
Use the information from the picture of a rectangle to find the length and width is its area is 54 sq. ft.
Area of a Rectangle - Change in Length and Its Affect on Area
This problem involves determining how a change in length affects the area of a rectangle. Take note that when you change the length, the width will be affected too.
A string is formed into a rectangle with an area of 12 cm2. If it is reshaped so that the 6 cm side is 2 cm shorter, how will the area change?

Area of Rectangles - Algebra Word Problems
The length of rectangle is 5 units more than twice its width. If the area is 250 sq. units the find the dimensions of the rectangle.
Writing quadratic equations to solve word problems: Area of a rectangle
The length of a rectangular field is 3 m more than the width. The area is 108 m2. Find the dimensions of the field.

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