Age Word Problems

Lessons on solving age word problems, for Algebra students in Grades 9-10.

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Age Word Problems - Examples And Solutions


  1. In 4 years, Ali will be 3 times as old as he is today. How old is Ali today?
  2. Nazrat is 4 years older than Unaima. 2 years ago, Nazrat was 5 times as old as Unaima. How old is Nazrat today?


  1. Salman is 108 year old. Jonathan is 24 years old. How many years will it take for Salman to be exactly 4 times as old as Jonathan?
  2. Tarush is 5 times as old as Arman today. 85 years ago. Tarush was 10 times as old as Arman. How old is Arman today?

Zack is 4 times as old as Salman. Zack is also 3 years older than Salman. How old is Zack?

Sally is 4 years older than John. 8 years ago, sally was twice as old than John. What are the ages of Sally and John?

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