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Word Problems for Addition and Subtraction

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students solve word problems for addition and subtraction in Singapore Math.

Singapore Math word problems for addition and subtraction
1) Camryn and Rory decide to make beautiful paper hearts for Mrs. Stafford. Camryn makes 9 purple hearts and Rory makes 9 red hearts. How many hearts will Mrs. Stafford get from the girls?
2) Dylan and Max have 16 toy cars. 8 of the cars are red. The rest are yellow. How many toy cars are yellow?
3) Pita gave away 9 pieces of candy to Davis. Pita still has 8 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Pita have at first?
4) Lucas has 13 Legos on the playground. He gives away 5 to Julian. How many Legos is Lucas left with?
Singapore Math word problems for addition and subtraction
Jane has 17 gel pens. She gave away 4 gel pens to her friend. How many gel pens is Jane left with?

Addition Algorithm, Word Problems & Tape Diagrams
In this lesson, you will use a place value chart to add two digit numbers. You will also model real world problems using tape diagrams.
1) The city flower shop sold 54 pink roses on Valentine's DAy. They sold 11 more red roses than pink roses. How many pink and red roses did the city flower shop sell altogether on Valentine's Day? Use tape diagrams.
2) Greyhound Buses sold 63 tickets on Saturday. On Sunday, they sold 20 more tickets than on Saturday. How many tickets were sold over the weekend?
3) Riley ate 54 pounds of puppy chow in July. In August she ate 13 more pounds of puppy chow than in July. How many pounds of puppy chow did Riley eat in July and August?
4) There are 16 more hits on the school's website on Tuesday than on Monday. Monday had 93 hits. How many hits did the school's website have during both days?
1) On Monday, the 3rd grade students at SLE collected 185 boxes for a math project. On Friday, they collected 223 more boxes. How many boxes did they collect?
2) Sally bought 45 boxes for the math project and Tom bought 18. How many more boxes did Sally bring than Tom?

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