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Volume of Pyramids

Videos, examples and solutions to help GCSE Maths students learn how to find the volume of pyramids and how to solve word problems involving pyramids.

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Volume of Pyramids
Learn to calculate the volume of pyramids
Example 1: A square pyramid has a height of 7m and a base that measures 2m on each side.
a) Find the value of the pyramid.
b) Explain whether doubling the height would double the volume of the pyramid.
Example 2: The volume of a prism is 27 in3. What is the volume of a pyramid with the same base and height?
Volume of a Pyramid (square base, triangular base, tetrahedron)
1. Calculate the volume of a square based pyramid and a tetrahedron.
2. Calculate the volume of a 12cm square based pyramid with a height of 20cm.
3. A piece of metal, in the shape of a square based pyramid of height 10cm and base sides of 5 cm, is melted down and re-cast into spheres of diameter 3mm. How many spheres can be made?

Volume of a Pyramid Example
This video gives a specific example of how to find the volume of a pyramid
Volume of a Pyramid
Example of finding the volume of a pyramid with a regular polygon for a base.

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