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Vector Exam Questions

Here is a collection of videos solutions to sample exam-type questions on Vectors that are typical for A Level Maths.

Vectors Core 4 Revision in 15 minutes

Vectors Core 4 exam questions - Solomon F

4. Relative to a fixed origin, two lines have the equations
r = (7j − 4k) + s(4i − 3j + k),
and r = (−7i + j + 8k) + t(−3i + 2k),
where s and t are scalar parameters.
(a) Show that the two lines intersect and find the position vector of the point where they meet.
(b) Find, in degrees to 1 decimal place, the acute angle between the lines.

Vectors Exam Style Question Core Mathematics C4 Solomon A

GCE Examinations
Advanced Subsidiary
Paper A
3. Relative to a fixed origin, O, the line l has the equation
r = (i + pj − 5k) + λ(3i − j + qk),
where p and q are constants and λ is a scalar parameter.
Given that the point A with coordinates (−5, 9, −9) lies on l,
(a) find the values of p and q,
(b) show that the point B with coordinates (25, −1, 11) also lies on l.
The point C lies on l and is such that OC is perpendicular to l.
(c) Find the coordinates of C.
(d) Find the ratio AC : CB

Vectors Exam Style Question Solomon D

Vectors Exam Style Question Solomon K

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