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Variation Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve Direct and Inverse Variation word problems.

Algebra Word Problem: Variation Application
How to solve a word problem that involves wages?
Art's wages are directly proportional to the number of hours he works per week. If Art works 36 hours in a week, he earns $540. What are his wages if he works 40 hours in a week?
How to solve word problems involving direct and inverse variation squared?
(1) On Planet X, an object falls 18 feet in 2 seconds. Knowing that the distance it falls varies directly with the square of the time of the fall, how long does it take an object to fall 79 feet? Round your answer to three decimal places.
(2) The intensity I of light received from a source varies inversely as the square of the distance d from the source. If the light intensity is 4 foot-candles at 11 feet, find the light intensity at 13 feet.

Inverse Variation Word Problem (Work)
The amount of time t, needed to dig ditches varies inversely with the of people p, who are digging the ditches. If it takes 3 people 40 hours to dig a ditch, how many hours will it take for 5 people to dig the same size ditch?
Inverse Variation Word Problem
The number of pages Andrew reads per hour varies inversely with the number of paragraphs he must re-read for clarification. If he is able to read 12 pages per hour, and must re-read 5 paragraphs, how many pages van he read per hour if he has to re-read 6 paragraphs?

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