Trigonometric Questions with Bearings

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C2 Sine and Cosine Rule
Questions in Context Bearings

  1. Fred is standing at a point looking north. He walks on a bearing 056° for 9.8km before stopping. He then walks an additional 3.5 km on a bearing of 112° before stopping to rest. Find out how far he is away from his start point.
  2. Sue walks around the perimeter of a triangular field. She walks west from one corner of the field for 480m before stopping at the second corner. She then walks an additional 312m on a bearing of 072° to complete the second side of the field?
    (a) How long is the third side of the field?
    (b) Find the total area of the enclosed field.

Sine & Cosine Rules applied to Bearings
A ship sails from a point A on a bearing of 040° for 3km to a point B. At B the ship alters course and sails for 5km on a bearing of 160° to a point C. Find the distance AC and the bearing of A from C.

Cosine Rule and Bearing Problem
Jack walks from town A for 10 miles on a bearing of 20°. Peter walks from town A for 18 miles on a bearing of 130°. How far is Jack from Peter?

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