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IIT JEE Trigonometry Problems

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In this lesson, we will look at Trigonometry Problems, Trigonometric Maximum and Trigonometric Constraints.

IIT JEE Trigonometry Problem 1
2010 IIT JEE Paper I #29 Trigonometry problem
If the angles A, B and C of a triangle are in arithmetic and if a, b and c denote the lengths of the sides opposite to A, B and C respectively, then the value of the expression a/c sin 2C + c/a Sin 2A is
IIT JEE Trigonometric Maximum
2010 IIT JEE Paper 1 Problem 48 Trigonometric Maximum
The maximum value of the expression 1/(sin2θ 3sinθcosθ + 5cos2θ) IIT JEE Trigonometric Constraints
2010 IIT JEE Paper 1 Problem 47 Trigonometric Constraints
The number of values of θ in the interval (-π/2, π/2) such that θ ≠ nπ/5 for n = 0, ±1, ±2 and tanθ = cot5θ as well as sin2θ = cos 4θ is
Trigonometric System Example
2010 IIT JEE Paper 1 Problem 55 Trigonometric System
The number of all possible value of &theta, where 0 < θ < π, for which the system of equations
(y + z)cos 3θ = (xyz)sin 3θ
x sin3θ = (2cos3θ)/y + (2sin3θ)/z
(xyz)sin 3θ + (y + 2z)cos 3θ + y sin 3θ
have a solution (x0,y0,z0) with y0z0 ≠ 0 is

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