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In this lesson we will look at trigonometry word problems.

Trigonometry Word Problem,
Finding The Height of a Building, Example 1
Use trigonometry to find the height of a building.
Trigonometry Word Problem, Example 2
Use trigonometry to find the elevation gain of a hiker going up a slope.
A hiker is hiking up a 12° slope. If he hikes at a constant rate of 3 mph, how much altitude does he gain in 5 hours of hiking?

Trigonometry Word Problem,
Determining the Speed of a Boat, Example 3
Use trigonometry to find the speed of a moving boat.
A balloon is hovering 800 ft abpve a lake. The balloon is observed by the crew of a boat as the look upwards at an angle of 20°. Twenty five seconds later, the crew has to look at an angle of 65° to see the balloon. How fast wsa the boat traveling?

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