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Tally Charts and Frequency Tables

Videos, word problems and songs to help Grade 4 students learn about tally charts and frequency tables.

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Tally Charts and Frequency Tables
Learn to make and interpret tally charts and frequency tables.

Mr. Andrew's class got the following scores on a five-word spelling test.
a) Make a tally chart and frequency table to show the data.
b) How many students had five words correct?
Creating a Frequency Table

The members of a grade 12 class were asked what day of the week they were born.
a) Organize the data in a frequency table.
b) How many students responded to the question?

Frequency Table and Tally Charts
Learn to make a frequency table and tally charts.

Maria recorded the number of vehicles that drove by her house during 1 hour.
Make a frequency table for the data and answer the following questions.
a) How many more cars than trucks drove by Maria's house?
b) Altogether, how many vehicles drove by Maria's house?
Frequency Table and Interpretations
Learn to make and interpret frequency table

Mr. Paul asked his students to name their favorite food. Use the frequency table to answer the questions.
a) Find the favorite food of the students.
b) Find the least favorite food of the students.
c) Find the food preferred by more than 8 students.
d) Find the cumulative frequency of the data set.
e) There are some students in Mr. Paul's class who prefer Pasta. Data for these students is not included in the table. If the total number of students is 26, find the number of such students.

A song to help you remember how to tally.

Let's Tally Man.

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