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Applications of Systems of Equations and Inequalities

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help Algebra I students learn how to solve systems of equations and inequalities.

New York State Common Core Math Algebra I, Module 1, Lesson 24

Worksheets for Algebra I, Module 1, Lesson 24 (pdf)

Student Outcomes

Students use systems of equations or inequalities to solve contextual problems and interpret solutions within a particular context.

Exit Ticket

1. Andy’s Cab Service charges a $6 fee plus $0.50 per mile. His twin brother Randy starts a rival business where he charges $0.80 per mile, but does not charge a fee.

a. Write a cost equation for each cab service in terms of the number of miles.

b. Graph both cost equations.

c. For what trip distances should a customer use Andy’s Cab Service? For what trip distances should a customer use Randy’s Cab Service? Justify your answer algebraically and show the location of the solution on the graph.

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