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System of Equations Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve system of equations word problems.

Systems of Equations - Word Problems
A rental car company charges a flat daily fee plus a charge for each mile driven. A car rented for 5 days and driven for 300 miles costs $178, while a car rented for four days and driven for 550 miles costs $197. Find the daily fee and mileage charge.
How to solve word problem using a system of equations with 2 variables?
At a baseball game, 212 cups of coffee were sold, and $489 was collected. If small coffees sold for $2 each and large coffees sold for $3 each, how many of each size was sold?

Systems of Equations word problems
As a birthday gift, Zoey gave her niece an electronic piggy bank that displays the total amount of money in the bank as well as the total number of coins.
After depositing some number of nickels and quarters only, the display read:
Money $2.00
Number of coins: 16
How many nickels and quarters did Joey put in the bank?
How to solve a word problem using a system of 3 equations with 3 variable?
At a store, Mary pays $34 for 2 pounds of apples, 1 pound of berries and 4 pounds of cherries. Tom Pays $35 for 3 pounds of apples, 2 pounds of berries, and 2 pounds of cherries. Lee Pays $49 for 5 pounds of apples, 3 pounds of berries, and 2 pounds of cherries. What is the price per pound for apples, for berries, and for cherries?

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