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Synonyms and Antonyms

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Videos, stories and songs to help Grade 3 students learn about synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.

What are synonyms, antonyms and homonyms?
Synonyms are words with similar meanings.
Antonyms are words with opposite meanings.
Homonyms are words with the same sound but with different meanings.

Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms Song
You got your synonyms and they mean the same.
You got your antonyms and they mean the opposite.
You got your homonyms and they sound the same but mean different. Meet the NYM Family: Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms
Meet the “NYM” Family!
Learn the difference between homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms in this easy-to-understand animated cartoon tutorial.
Which NYM is known as the twins? Which NYM is known as the similar cousins?
Which NYM is known as the opposite in-laws?
This video is an excellent resource for young children learning about words, as well as older students who just need a reminder.
Anyone who has English as a Second Language (ESL), can also benefit from this video.
Synonyms and Antonyms
Lesson on Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones

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