Symmetry (Line Symmetry)

These lessons help Grade 1 kids learn about line symmetry, with video lessons, examples, stories, activities and songs.

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Line Symmetry
These introductory lessons on symmetry help to make students aware of symmetry all around us.

The following figures show the lines of symmetry for the alphabets. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions of lines of symmetry for different types of figures.

symmetry in alphabets

What is symmetry?
A line of symmetry is an imaginary line that divides a figure in half.
If you fold a figure along a line of symmetry, both sides match.
Symmetry is found in nature, in art, in common objects, in letters and more.
Symmetry is also referred to as mirror image.

Line of Symmetry
This video gives a definition of line symmetry and asks students to identify it within several images.
What is line symmetry?
A shape has line symmetry when one half is the mirror image of the other half. The fold line or mirror line is called the line of symmetry. The line may appear vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Shapes may have multiple lines of symmetry or no lines of symmetry.

Rocket Symmetry Song
A song to help you remember line symmetry.

Take a shape and you can see
If it has a line of symmetry
When you try folding it
Matching halves are going to fit

Learn Math Online - Symmetry
Short video for kids describing mirror symmetry.
Symmetry means one side is the same as the other.

Introduction to Symmetry
A shape has symmetry when one-half of a shape is a mirror image of the other. We will look at the symmetry of some of the capital letters of the alphabet.

Lines of Symmetry
This video shows how to find the lines of symmetry in different figures.

All About Symmetry for Kids

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